In Morgan County, seven dogs were found dead on the side of Plains Road in the town of Paw Paw.

Melissa King was driving down on Plains Road when she stopped and saw something she will never forget. 

“I was coming back the road here and I seen a car pulled over and I thought they were broke down and I said can I help yal, there are seven dogs down over this bank right here and I said oh my God,” said Melissa King.

On the side of Plains Road is where seven dogs were found dead. Animal control was on the scene conducting their investigation. One of the dog owners was Benny King who says he has been looking for his dog since Monday morning when she went missing.  He had a hunch that his dog could be on plains road.

“I told my son and his friend Richard to go up there and look for me and when they went up to plains road they found the odor and followed the odor in and that’s when they found the dog and found my dog Sade,” said Benny King.

Melissa King is a dog owner and knows Benny King personally and feels for him.

“It’s a dog’s best friend, it’s a tragic, a dog’s a man’s best friend, I feel for the guy and I love my pet and I feel for anybody. I don’t know why anybody would shoot a dog,” said Melissa King.  

Going forward Benny says he wants justice for his dog Sade and the other six dogs that were killed and is still very disgusted by what happened.

“I think it’s pretty low and dirty of someone who just take it out on an animal like that to just kill them in cold blood, especially a dog,” said Benny King.  

Morgan County Animal Control says they are currently investigating the incident.