Scottys Bus Lane: Frederick road renamed in honor of local business owner


FREDERICK, Md (WDVM) — While Scholls lane in City the Frederick may not appear so busy today, back in the in 1960’s and for decades afterwards, crowds would line up along the sidewalk waiting to get onboard a brown bus.

“People at first [would say], ‘Look at that bus, I’m not going on that bus,” and then there was a point after you [saw] the bus from the outside but you got on the inside and sat down and tasted the food, it was a whole different situation,” explained Raymond ‘Chip’ Scott, Jr. 

Chip’s father, Raymond Scott, Sr., was the man behind the brown food bus that became known as ‘Scotty’s Bus.’ It was around 1961 when Scott painted a former school bus, installed two stoves inside and assembled a counter with chairs on either side of the interior and began selling his food.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, ham sandwiches were regular options on the menu, Chip recalled. 

And what customer’s would come back for over and over again–and even purchase in bulk– was Scott’s secret sauce. 

“You put that ‘Scotty sauce’ on, that ‘Scotty sauce’ made everything better,” said Alderman Derek Shackelford. He remembers his own father taking him to stand in line for the food bus when he was young. 

“The sauce had that nice, sweet, tingling taste that everyone loved,” Chip said,  “Once you had your sauce on things, that was it.”

Chip worked alongside his father for 25 years. He says what made the bus so unique was that it catered to all in the community.

“When you came on there, it didn’t make a difference–black, white, rich, poor–it didn’t make a difference. That’s how [Scott] had it when you come on there,” Chip explained. 

“While you were in line or while you were there, you interacted with people you may not have interacted with,” Shackelford said, “and this was the opportunity for you to hear, for you to listen, for you to learn, for you to have conversations all under the one umbrella of good food.”

The food bus was in operation for more than 30 years, Chip said.

In April, Scott passed away at 84 years old at his Frederick home. 

Shortly afterwards, Shackelford approached the family with the idea of honoring Scott and his landmark venture, but also the ways in which he gave back to the community.

Now the roadway Scott spent years on will be renamed ‘Scottys Bus Lane’ after a unanimous vote by the city’s board of aldermen. 

“For them to look at him and to get it started it and get it going, it’s great because that’s what he deserved,” Chip said. 

Scholl’s Lane between Jefferson Street and Burke Street will be renamed on July 21, the date Scott would have turned 85. 

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