Rockville High School teacher named Educator of the year


A Montgomery County teacher has just won a nationally recognized title for his teaching.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM)– Sean Pang is an English teacher at Rockville high school and has just won the 2019 Educator of the year award. Pang is one of only 10 educators across the country to be recognized with this honor.

“It was so great to see that he has won this award because I have known how great he was this whole time and now I’m seeing that national organizations are recognizing how great of a teacher he is and I was just so proud to hear it,” said former student Esther Frances.

Pang has been teaching for 9 years and was nominated for this award by a former freshman student.

“We kept in touch all four years and he recently graduated too, and I found out like a month before he graduated from his parents that this kid was facing depression and suicidal thoughts and the only reason why he didn’t commit suicide and I quote “He didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Pang,” said Pang.

Pang says it’s reasons like this one why he continues to teach.

“It’s such a humbling experience because I learn so much from them, too, that I continue to grow as a person. I learn more from them than I think they learn from me,” said Pang.

Former student Esther Frances describes pang in one word. Supportive.

“He really cares about the success of his students and it’s not just to see the “A” on the paper. He really wants to see the growth and development of his students,” said Frances.

In honor of being named Educator of the year, pang has received a $1,000 grant which he plans to use to fund a documentary to raise awareness about financial issues students face in Montgomery County. He also hopes to raise a scholarship for students in need.

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