Many people take on New Year’s resolutions at the turn of a new year.

The classic New Year’s resolution of course is to hit the gym and stay in shape.

“My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and try to be fit,” said Christina Sellers. “And I want to say to everybody a happy new year. Enjoy and be glad to be in it.”

For others, there’s no one resolution but rather a day to day promise to keep all 2019 goals in focus.

“My New Year’s resolution is to keep the promises I’ve made to myself,” said Rockville resident Tyree Deshields. “So if I say something if I promise myself something i am going to do it.”

But not all resolutions regard the individual and some resolutions went towards improving entire neighborhoods where tragedy has struck.

“Well I lost a couple of friends this past year so I just want to see gun violence and violence in general go down,” said Cree Mosby. “Especially in D.C. and my city we lost a few young lives that would have made a big difference in the world and i would like to see them back so maybe we can get past that.”

Some of Maryland’s biggest New Year’s parties and fireworks displays across the state can be found in Annapolis and Ocean City.