“We were prepared and ready for trial, but when we got there the state’s attorney notified me that they would not be proceeding with the case,” said Louis Leibowitz, defense attorney.

Charges against three masseuses from a Gaithersburg foot spa have been dropped, including one for prostitution.

 “I think the evidence against Ms. Liu and her associates was very weak,” said Leibowitz.  “I think that the state didn’t think that they could prove the case.”

But Tao Foot Spa remains closed.

A friend and neighboring shop owner says the business is embarrassed after a different news station’s report forever tainted their names.

That friend, Nick Nguyen, said the whole thing has caused a nightmare.

His nail salon started losing business after being mistaken for the foot spa.

Because the case never made it to trial, no one was ruled guilty or not guilty, and some neighbors, still suspect something was up.

“I’ve had somebody that came in [to my salon],” said Belinda Ficklin, owner of Salon Haven.  “[They] ran down the stairs and said, ‘Do you know what’s going on up there?”

So if the masseuses were r-charged, Ficklin said she wouldn’t be surprised.

But the saying goes, innocent until proven guilty.

 “I don’t think they would recharge it without any evidence, that wouldn’t make any sense,” said Leibowitz.

Tao Foot Spa’s owner and the three masseuses are planning to move out of the state according to Nguyen.