Prosecuting Attorney Debra McLaughlin takes place of late Judge Yoder

Prosecuting Attorney Debra Mclaughlin was named as the judge for the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court in the Eastern Panhandle.
She will take over for the honorable Judge John Yoder, who passed away earlier this summer.
“I think I would say, as a circuit court judge, I think you have to have a lot of hard work ethics. You have to put a lot of time and energy into the background of your cases and preparing for what’s going to be presented to you,” said Mclaughlin.
Before Judge Yoder’s passing, he served the Eastern Panhandle for almost a decade, including two terms for West Virginia Senator.
With such a legacy behind him, McLaughlin believes she has a lot to prepare for.
“Traditionally, most of the judges that have come through the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court have come through Morgan County. So, I got to see how judges learn to be judges while watching them on the bench,” stated McLaughlin.
McLaughlin came to West Virginia in the late 1990s, and since 2002, has been a Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney.
Now that she has a new role to take on, she admits her experience has given her some insight for the job ahead.
”I would just say that I am looking forward to serving Berkeley and Jefferson Counties the way that I have served Morgan County for the next 18 or more years,” said McLaughlin.
West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced Monday that he’s appointed a new Circuit Court Judge to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Judge John Yoder.
Debra Mclaughlin will be serving as the Circuit Court Judge for the 23rd District.
Currently, she lives in Berkeley Springs.
From 1999-2002, she served as the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Morgan County. Since 2002, she’s been Morgan County’s Prosecuting Attorney.
Tune in Tuesday, when we will have more from McLaughlin on her appointment.

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