Preaching through dance, song, and reenactment


“No matter what others say, think, or believe, I have an opportunity,” said Kayla Belcher, performer at Strathmore Music Center.  “It’s my job to live the dream that [Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.] saw so many years ago.”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere is this year’s theme at Montgomery County’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration.

“Everybody, any place, any form in Montgomery County who is experiencing unfairness, who is experiencing injustice, all of us are in the struggle to prevent that from happening,” said James Stowe, director of Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights.

Song, dance, and reenactments unified one of the most diverse counties in the nation, with 40 percent of its population from other countries.

“People can receive a message in different kinds of ways,” said Stowe.  “It is through those particular mediums that we believe sometimes people can receive it, but more importantly can retain it, and hopefully live by it.”

The county continued its tradition of awarding stand-out residents who carry MLK’s legacy through today.

“I feel like crying almost because [MLK Jr.] was such a great, great man,” said Rockefeller Twyman, recipient of Montgomery County’s Humanitarian Award.

Recognized internationally for his commitment to initiating bone marrow drives, this year’s recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award is Rockefeller Twyman.

“I think he would be pleased because he was very interested in saving lives, and we’re saving lives,” said Twyman.

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