Popular Twitter account ‘MoCo Snow’ gets upgrade


To his students, it’s Mr. Tsironis, physical education teacher at North Bethesda Middle School; to Montgomery County, he’s the man behind a series of popular Twitter accounts, racking up a combined total of 22,500 followers.

“On MoCo Snow, I predict snow days. So, I provide winter weather forecasts for our entire area, and then, I predict the effect it’s going to have on schools,” Tsironis said.

That was 2011.

Since then, Tsironis has added to MoCo Show, tweeting anything and everything about his hometown – from food to sports and politics.

“I’m 35 years-old. I’ve been here for all 35 years, so I’ve been here all my life,” Tsironis said. “I know the ins and outs and anything new that’s happening.”

And, his online presence is about to expand; MoCo Snow is reaching a new dimension.

“The app will be out in a couple weeks,” Tsironis said. “It’s going to feature the ability to vote with or against me about what you think is going to happen, and we get to monitor that and see who’s right.”

The MoCo Snow App, created by a former MCPS student, plays on people’s anticipation of a potential day off.

Though, good luck beating Tsironis; he said thanks to years of watching the weather with a careful eye, he’s nearly impossible to beat.

The app should be available on Dec. 1.

For confirmation on school closings and delays, you can check out our website this winter. 

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