Police urge drivers to stay off roadways as hazardous conditions still apply


As many people begin to dig themselves out and start traveling, police are still urging residents to stay off the roads in order for crews to perform necessary tasks.

“The roads may look like they’re clear, but they’re not,” said Capt. Michael Fluharty, Maryland State Police.

It was a paralyzing storm leaving people hunkered down in their homes, and as the work week begins, people are starting to get back out on the roads, but police said it’s too soon.

“Now, we run into all the issues that come after the storm. The black ice, the melting, the refreezing all of those things are sometimes more of a problem than the initial storm,” Fluharty said.

Police said the aftermath of a storm is primetime for accidents.

“Being out on the road, if it’s not necessary, don’t do it because we have to get caught up. With the refreeze, it’s going to be heavier packed snow. It’s going to cause icy conditions, so that’s going to be actually harder to plow than the light powdery stuff,” Fluharty said.

Officials said the main roads are beginning to regain some normalcy, but the side and back roads are the ones that need the most work. 

“The secondary roads are very difficult to keep clean. You have the cars parked in parking spaces, you have pedestrians on the road way – it makes things very difficult to plow out,” said Bob Jones who has been plowing the roads. 

Maryland State Police said the work to clear the roads is expected to continue this week. Their goal is to have the majority of the roads in Washington County to be treated by Thursday.

“I wouldn’t get back out on the road right now. I’d stay inside, watch some movies and let us professionals take care of the rest,” Jones added.

Maryland State Police said they’re now playing catch up by making sure roadways are clear and disabled and abandoned vehicles are removed from the roadways.

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