Washington Township collection facility no longer accepting large loads of televisions


Only two weeks in, the Washington Township collection facility is saying no more to large loads of televisions. 

Just last week, the Washington township transfer station allowed Franklin County residents to bring their used televisions and computers to be recycled at no charge. Franklin County resident Gary Angle says he appreciates the free service. 

“The console tv is probably 24 to 25 years old. We had it that long,” said Angle.  

Officials say back in 2013 the collection facility began taking televisions under a Pennsylvania state program called the Covered Device Recycling Act where manufacturers provided rebates to recycling facilities. Washington Township is a collection facility, so they received no money for collecting the electronics. The main goal is that these electronic devices do not end up in landfills. Officials say it’s nothing new that people want the latest electronics in the market. 

“We get big screens, flat screens, the floor models, the portable models. We get just about any type of TV you can imagine. and the sad part is probably 99 percent of them work perfectly, but they just wanted new ones,” said Jeffrey Geesaman, Washington Township Manager.

It wasn’t too long when the facility became inundated with loads of televisions. 

“We had people call us from all over the state saying they were going to bring 200, 300 more tvs in so apparently the crisis is still out there in the state so we had to backtrack and put some regulations on it,” said Geesaman. 

Now while the collection facility is putting a limit to large loads of televisions, some residents still appreciate the service. 

“So from the old school to the new school,” said Angle. 

Officials say Franklin County residents can drop off two televisions and two computers a day. 

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