U.S. Representative John Joyce met with officials in Southern Pennsylvania


No matter what state or city,  there is a good chance that drugs are present, and a greater chance that these drugs crossed the Mexican border, into the U.S.

According to a Bi-National Criminal Proceeds Study, “In 1991, 50 percent of the U.S.-bound cocaine came through Mexico; by 2004, 90 percent did.”

Just last week, U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania, John Joyce, called on Governor Wolf to offer President Trump the support of the commonwealth’s National Guard for the purposes of securing the border and cracking down on drug smugglers.

Joyce traveled to Waynesboro on Wednesday and set up a roundtable meeting to figure out just how bad the crisis is in southern Pennsylvania.

Joyce spoke of his time he spent at the southern border, and mentioned multiple times that more needs to be done, even telling a story about how he saw kids distracting border patrol from across a river — a distraction so drug mules can get through, he was told.

The meeting had an audience of many public figures, including mayors, police chiefs, and more.

Each took turns informing Joyce about the drug crisis going on in their own communities and were able to speak freely about what they thought could help derail drugs and addiction.

The Representative took notes during each speech and plans to continue traveling around Pennsylvania to hear, learn, and hopefully fight back against the drug crisis.

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