Two Mosquitos in Pennsylvania test positive for West Nile Virus


CHAMBERSBURG, P.a. (WDVM) — Two mosquito samples collected in Pennsylvania have tested positive for West Nile Virus.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, one sample was collected in Quincy Township and the other in Southampton Township at the beginning of this month. Specialists say there is no major threat, but urge you to take precautions like wearing bug spray when going outside.

The mosquito carrying the West Nile disease is most commonly known as a “house mosquito”.

“It bites birds but it will bite humans and so they’re more active at dusk till dawn, if you’re being bit it’s really there is a likelihood that you’re producing mosquitos at your house. Buckets that might be holding water, birdbaths that might have water anything like that can produce a large amount of mosquitos,” Jason Goetz said, a mosquito and tick-borne disease specialist. At this time last year, franklin county had 43 positive samples.

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