Strong winds have hit hard all across Washington County


In Washington County, people have been bracing the strong winds as it picked up throughout the day. Meteorologists say it’s not rare to see this, but it is uncommon in our area.

“Very strong Nor’easter. A low pressure system forming and intensifying off the east coast,” said David Dickson, Meteorologist at WDVM
So what does that mean?
“Think if you have a water hose. If you’re spraying it, but you want it to have a stronger flow you put your finger on it. So what we’re seeing in the atmosphere is we’re putting a thumb on that atmosphere, W’re really increasing that pressure change between high pressure out west and low pressure that’s really strong into the Northeast Coast.”
Experts say the powerful winds picked up overnight on Thursday. The worst of it should come to pass by Saturday morning.
 “Winds will calm down just a little bit but we’re still seeing the chance of those 50 to 60 mile per hour wind gusts,” said Dickson. 
 In other parts of Hagerstown, crews have not had much calls on the strong winds.
“We haven’t had run any storm related damage as of now,” said Christoper Amos, Chief Administrative Officer at Halfway Fire Company in Hagerstown. 
Elsewhere emergency officials have been working hard to clean up the down trees and power lines that have left thousands of residents without power in Washington County.
“Our call volumes picked up a little bit as you would expect,” said Steve Lohr, Chief of the Hagerstown Fire Department. 
Experts say this is a change from last weeks 80 degree record shattering temperatures. Trash cans were knocked over and signs swaying, and no rain today like yesterday
“We are going to see these strong winds that don’t look to calm down too terribly much until tomorrow morning and even this upcoming weekend. It is going to be quite windy,” said Dickson. 
Experts say even this upcoming weekend approaching, expect to see these powerful winds stick around.
“We’re smack dab in the middle of and since it’s continuing to stand around and just continue to strengthen off to our northeast, that’s why we’re seeing those strong winds throughout the day,” said Dickson.

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