Safety tips for kids waiting at bus stops in single digit temperatures


A winter storm blew single digit temperatures into the region. For school kids at the bus stop, there’s no choice but to wait in the cold. 

To protect students from hypothermia and icy walkways, schools often use two-hour delays as a way to avoid issues. 

Drivers and children have a harder time seeing icy spots on the road when it is dark in the morning, which can cause slipping and sliding. 

Experts say kids shouldn’t wait outside for the bus for more than five minutes. Even then, five minutes can be extremely hazardous to young children’s health.

Local bus driver Charlie Ford said, “As far as kids at the bus stop if parents are in a car and see kids that are standing there cold, by all means, invite the kids into your car and let them warm up with you. Its just little things like that, helping each other out.”

Ford also commented he has seen kids waiting for the bus in the morning, wearing shorts.

So for parents of bus riding students, if you see a student standing out in the cold, invite them to sit in your car with your children until the bus pulls up. 

Also make sure your children are bundled up and dressed appropriately for the winter weather. 

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