Residents ride to stop the powerline in Franklin County


Franklin County visitors bureau says many farmlands will be impacted

FRANKLIN COUNTY, P.a. (WDVM) — Bicyclists from around the tri state area participated in a “ride-along-festival” in opposition of the proposed Transource powerline.

Wheels were turning in Franklin county as residents teamed up with the Franklin County Visitors Bureau for the “think about our future” ride-a-thon”. Officials from the visitors bureau say its to protest against the proposed 29 mile, 13 story, high voltage power line that will run through the tri state area.

“Its a market efficiency project, and we want the future generations to be able to enjoy the beauty of the falling spring and the vistas and the food that comes from those farmlands that would be impacted by that power line,” Janet Pollard said, the executive director for the Franklin County Visitors Bureau.

The proposed power line would run through Pennsylvania in York County and Franklin County. It will also run through Maryland, in Washington County and Harford county. PJM Interconnection, which directs the operation of the regions electrical grid, hired Transource to build the lines to address the “congestion” of the grid in certain areas.

“It’s to create a way to always give consumers in Washington DC, northern Virginia and Baltimore the cheapest power, the estimated savings is like $1.87,” Pollard said.

The president of “Stop Transource for Franklin County” says she feels there is no need for the power line in their area.

“This is not a done deal, its far from it, this could be a landslide case for Pennsylvania and this sets a precedence for our commissioners, our governor, other people in politics, that the people of Pennsylvania are fed up, we’re fed up with being taken advantage of,” Lori Rice said. A reliability and redundancy hearing is set for the beginning of October.

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