Photographer brings ‘Starlight’ to Shippensburg


A  photographer traveled to Shippensburg to share his photographs.

Friday evening, a crowd gathered at the Shippensburg SHAPE art gallery for the opening reception of a long-awaited exhibit. ‘Starlight.’

Josh Rosetta, president of SHAPE said he had never seen so many people so early at an opening.

“A  few years ago I started experimenting with doing pictures at night with digital cameras and it seemed to work out pretty well,” said Stan Honda, the photographer.

Many visiting the exhibit found his photos to be unique and enchanting. They marveled at his technique.

“I didn’t realize that you could do this with picture and the way that he edits them…If he even edits them is crazy,” said Derin Klick, a freshman at Shippensburg University.

“As a kid I was interested in astronomy so I think it combines two of the interests that I have; astronomy and photography,” explained Honda.  

Honda lives in New York which he says makes it difficult to see the night sky clearly. The same can be said for many others.

“I think they say about two-thirds of the population can’t see the Milky Way from where they live because of the lights from the town and the cities,” shared Honda.

“As humans were just losing touch with the sky,” said Honda.  “Throughout our history we’ve been using the sky to navigate and tell stories. So it’s a good way I think to show people what the sky really looks like or what it should look like without a lot of light pollution.”

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