Pennsylvania Motorcycle Awareness Month

With temperatures and the number of motorcyclists on the roads rising, Pennsylvania wants to remind drivers to share the roads with Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.
Most motorcyclists agree that the biggest problem is being seen. 
“Two or three times, cars just pull out right in front of me, and people are sitting there looking at you. What do you do? I’ve had a couple experiences in the last couple months [like] that,” said Tony Nery, a motorcyclist from Chambersburg. 
Motorcycle enthusiast Nery said responsibility is also on riders to not put themselves or other drivers in dangerous situations. 
“Tractor trailers don’t always see you. You have distracted drivers out there [with] cell phones and such. They just simply aren’t looking. They don’t see the bike and its smaller profile. All too often, it ends pretty tragically for motorcyclists,” said Mike Harbaugh, M&S Harley Davidson in Chambersburg. 
According to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, there were over 3,000 crashes involving motorcycles on Pennsylvania roadways in 2016, resulting in 192 fatalities. The state hopes more awareness will decrease those numbers drastically. 
“It all depends on how you drive yourself and how you ride your bike. [If] you go out, [act like] a goof ball and ride like you’re a maniac, then you’re definitely not going to be safe,” said Nery. 
Motorcyclists agree that taking the roads less traveled and riding in groups helps prevent getting caught in a blind spot or getting into an accident. Awareness months, such as this one, are also a plus. 
“I think bringing attention to it for a whole month kind of gives everybody else an idea to look twice [and] save a life. [We hope it will continue] not for one month, but all the other 11 months as well,” said Harbaugh.
If you are a Pennsylvania motorcyclist, the state is offering free safe-riding-skills courses. You can enroll on their website.  

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