Local college students fight for fairness across the board


"We need gender equity for our futures."

MONT ALTO, Pennsylvania (WDVM) — According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, full-time employed women made only 82-cents for every dollar a man earned, creating almost a 20% wage gap.

“We’re not making as much even though we’re doing the same jobs and doing the same work that they’re doing as males but we’re not making the same,” said Penn State Mont Alto Freshman Indya Feathers.

Penn State Mont Alto hosted a student discussion panel addressing the topic of gender equity bein a constitutional right. Most recently, the United States Women’s Soccer Team opened a law suit against the U.S. Soccer Federation alleging gender discrimination. Each women’s team player earned $90,000 in world cup bonuses but the men’s team earned $550,000 per person; a $460,000 difference.

“Our grandmothers made sure everything was fine for us,” said Professor of Women’s Studies Alice Royer. “They rioted, they did all kinds of things and then we sat back. We’re all equal, bologna, some of us think we aren’t.”

The biggest piece of advice for the students was to pay attention to who they vote for in the 2020 election to truly understand how each candidate plans to serve the country.

“It’s always fun to talk to students because students are offering us the hope.” said Penn  State Professor Dickinson School of Law Thomas Place. “They need to do the work that other generations have done to deal with problems in society.”

Students that attended the panel discussion said they’re more than ready to start fighting for their futures.

“I prefer to make a difference now because I’m only 18 so I still have my future ahead of me so if we can change it now we can help the younger generation,” said Feathers.

“We should have more of an equal pay for both because if they’re both the same level of education and talent skill, then they should have the same pay for that,” said Penn State Mont Alto Sophomore Rozz Monnin.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research is estimating that to see any change to the wage gap- it won’t be until 2059 for women to finally reach pay parity.

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