Karmafest makes its way to Pennsylvania


Creator says after helping releif efforts when Hurricane Katrina hit, she knew she wanted to continue helping people

CHAMBERSBURG, P.a. (WDVM) — Karmafest made its way to Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The holistic yoga festival ran Saturday and Sunday, with organizers helping people increase their positive energy and find balance.

The smell of patchouli and incense filled the air in Chambersburg as people traveled from as far as Baltimore to feel the good vibes. This years event was held at Hip Gypsy Emporium.

“Our main goal is to be very community minded to raise the vibration and have very positive things going out in the world and with karma fest its all like minded people and that’s all its about is just coming together as a community,” said Stacey Niedentohl , who is the co-owner of Hip Gypsy Emporium.

There were vendors of all kinds showing off their crystals, oils, rocks and more. There was even a seer to look into your future and a “Wanna B Hippy Bus” that had new, used, and vintage clothing.

“All things hippy so it’s all the essentials to want to be a hippy, you just feel like you’re a part of a really cool family and you don’t even know each other,” said the owner of Wanna B Hippy Bus, Carly Previti.

The creator of the festival says after traveling to Louisiana for relief efforts when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, she felt her life mission was to continue to help others.

“All the people were crying and stressed and that type of thing, well I was their with the red cross and they had relief for the relief workers in the form of yoga and meditation,” creator Patti Hawse said.

Attendees danced and sang along to live music and some say this event is all about healing and caring for yourself.

“Peace yoga can bring to your life and how essential it is to self care and hence karma fest,” said Jonda Leigh, who works at the festival as a production assistant.

Karmafest has hosted over 40 events, the next of which will be in Maryland for Halloween.

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