Introducing youth to music to keep them out of the streets


Tyrone Rhodes produces beats in his studio thanks to his father, Claude Rhodes. Tyrone says he learned a lot about the hip hop industry from his dad. 

“Just to sit there and watch him spend countless and numbers of hours sitting there researching and learning new things is motivation for me because he still has the motivation to do this,” said Tyrone Rhodes. 

Claude has introduced many youth in the Chambersburg area to music through Strong Arm Family. The organization was founded in 1999 to help at risk teens.   

“It was a way for them to let their aggression out through music, instead of actually putting it out instead of the streets,” said Claude Rhodes. 

Claude took many people under his wing and believes he saved a lot of them from going down the wrong path. He even encouraged many to start their own groups as well. 

“I was trying to tell them that would you need to do, is you need to get your group together, get somebody to build your team and do the same thing that I’m doing for you,” said Claude Rhodes.  

And one of those who started their own group was William Houser. William founded TeamWatchMeWin. The non-profit helps people with cancer, autism and Chron’s disease.  TeamWatchMeWin is also a clothing line and a music platform where many artists were able to come through. Houser attributes the success of TeamWatchMeWin to Strong Arm Family. 

“And that’s where all the knowledge basically from dealing with og came into play because at one time I had like 17 artists,” said Houser.  

And Houser was in the streets and at one point locked up. He believes Claude help save his life. 

“A lot of stuff that Claude told me, I was still in trouble, but it helped me through so much though,” said Houser.  

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