“He’d always have a smile on his face,” classmates remember 19-year-old Cameron Funk


 The community is mourning the loss of a 19-year-old after he died from a work accident at a manufacturing company in Peters Township.

Classmates remember not too long ago when Cameron Funk walked through these halls at James Buchanan High.
“He was a really great person to be around,” said Jackson Ellis, captain of the football team.
A great person to be around on and off of the field. Funk was on the football team, the Rockets all four years.
“He was always joking. He’d always have a smile on his face, even in the roughest of times. He’d always try to find the good things,” said Ellis.
According to Pennsylvania State Police, Funk died after a heavy piece of machinery fell on him at Mellott Manufacturing in Peters Township. The cause of death was ruled accidental and the result of a blunt force head injury.
Through the good and bad, Funk was the person who was always there when needed. Principal Rodney Benedick remembers back to when Funk and his daughter were in the same pre-school class.
I’m pretty sure we have a pillow case in our house still that has all the little hands of that class. I think Cameron’s little hand is on that pillow case,” said Principal Benedick.
A young spirit and an inspiration to many who will roam these halls.
“He was very polite, well spoken. Good kid. Kind of kid we need more of,” said Principal Benedick.
“I’ll tell you what. I’m going to miss seeing him every summer and every time I go around,” said Ellis.

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