Fulton County Medical Center introduces cancer services


A medical center in Fulton County will be introducing cancer services.

The Fulton County Medical Center Specialty Services and Infusion Therapy Departments will soon partner with the Antietam Oncology and Hematology Group, which is based in Hagerstown, to start seeing patients in July.

“Prior to this, no we haven’t had a hematology, oncology group for an extended period of time,” said Misty Hershey, Director of Public and Community Relations at the Fulton County Medical Center. 

The goal with the expansion is to provide cancer services to the local community, so patients don’t have to travel far. 

“No one wants to travel, especially when they’re sick,” said Hershey. 

Services that will be provided by Antietam include cancer diagnosis & treatment, blood disorder diagnosis & treatment, iron replacement, among others.

Dr. Yong Tang, who works at the Antietam Oncology and Hematology Group in Hagerstown, will be one of the first doctors from the Hagerstown group to help out. He says, he’s excited to extend his services to McConnellsburg: “For me, I love to take care of my patients. Of course, if I can have more patients, that’s something I’d really like to do,” 

Dr. Tang will begin seeing patients at Fulton County Medical Center starting July 2, however patients are advised to book an appointment with the oncology group at (717) 485-7316. 

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