Farmland preservation keeps agriculture local for generations


Pennsylvania recently preserved its 5,000th farm, acknowledging the vital link between agriculture and the state’s economy.

Farming is a way of life for the Meyers family, since 1908 when the family first came to Franklin County.

“We’ve progressed and wanted to bring our sons into the operation as well,” said Micah Meyers Sr., from Meyersland Dairy. “This is where we came to the step two years ago of forming the LLC.”

The importance of keeping farming in the family is vital. Their primary source of income is the over 500 acres of land, and the almost 200 cows on their property.

“With that amount of acreage,” said Micah Meyers Jr., “We’re able to feed all of our cows without having to buy much feed, some times we have to buy some but that saves on our costs.”

This makes the importance of farmland preservation of the utmost importance for the Meyers family.

“Preservation obviously is kind of a key word today,” Meyers Jr. said. “This farm is preserved that we have a future here.”

Three-hundred acres of their land is already preserved by the Franklin County Agricultural Land Preservation Board, with another 100 acres of property in the preservation process.

“You look out across there, the trees, the farm , the land, the corn, the alfalfa is there,” said Jeff Grove, Vice Chairman of the Franklin County Land Preservation Board. “It’s not going to be a housing or a school district. It is preserved; it takes priority. It stays agriculture, forever.”

The family says it is an honor to have their land preserved, and one they hope keeps farming in their community and in the United States for generations to come.

“Without land, there’s not food, and that’s how we feed our people, and that’s vitally important for Americans,” Meyers Sr. said.

Pennsylvania has preserved over 6,000 square miles of land, which is larger than Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island each.

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