DEP announces plan to increase use of electric cars


The Department of Environmental Protection unveiled a plan to increase electric vehicle use in Pennsylvania.

DEP’s goal is to help reduce respiratory disease, lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase consumer savings.

“There’s fun things you can do with the electric cars so I’m excited that Pennsylvania helps build the infrastructure to support them,” Emily Moore, general manager of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, said.

The plan includes seven strategies for the duration of two years that would help DEP’s cause. Some of those strategies include, expanding DEP’s Alternative Fuel Investment Grants program for municipalities, businesses, and organizations and developing a consumer education campaign.

The six additional strategies are for five years and beyond.

According to Moore, although electric vehicles decrease fuel roaming in the air, many consumers may not be in love with the price of one of these economic-friendly vehicles.

“There is a little bit of a cost difference, the Leaf that we have is mid 30s whereas a comparable car  would be about 10-thousand dollars less – five to ten thousand depending on how it’s equipped,” Moore said.

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