Chambersburg hospital bans the use of Pokemon Go on their campus


Due to the growing popularity of Pokemon Go, Chambersburg Hospital has announced they are banning the play of the game on their property for safety reasons.

Across the country, other hospitals have banned the game from their campus because users have wandered into areas they shouldn’t compromising patient privacy and safety. On Wednesday, hospital officials held a community outreach event in front of their hospital, which acted as a Pokestop.  There hospitals staff handed out free sun screen and emphasized the importance of being safe while playing Pokemon Go. 

“We’re not against it whatsoever. There’s some health benefits, getting kids up and off the couch and walking around, that’s always a good thing. We just want them to be safe and respect the privacy and safety needs of our patients,” said Jon Williams, Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness at the hospital.   

Chambersburg hospital staff plans to encourage the use of sun protection and the importance of staying hydrated while playing in the heat.  

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