Peaceful display of democracy outside Trump Hotel


More than a week has passed since the national presidential election. While students in schools across the nation, and in Montgomery County, chose to stage walk-outs, others took to the streets in Washington.

Security monitored the premises as two people were in front of President-elect Donald Trump’s hotel and peacefully voiced their opinions with signs. 

“I’m not disrespecting the system. I don’t have to agree with the outcome. I don’t agree with the outcome. I respect it, but I’m also respectfully standing here with my signs,” said Becca Levy, Hillary Clinton supporter.

“I’m not protesting. I’m not here to start arguments. I’m against all of that, violence and hatred and all that sort of stuff. I want to show people that there is still support for Trump out here and not just people that are saying ‘he is not my president’ because he is our president,'” said Chris Mathewson, Donald Trump supporter.

Levy said she stood in front of the Trump International Hotel for four days every evening. 

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