Organization helps raise funds for new cannon at local park


If you’ve visited Ford Frederick State Park in Big Pool, Maryland you may notice it’s missing its historical boom sound from the fire demonstrations that were put on since the 1960’s. 

“Fort had four of these iron 6 pound cannons and so we’re going to have this new one that’s going to look like it came off of a pirate ship or whatever,” said Park Ranger Robert Ambrose. 

Ambrose says they plan to raise 18 thousand dollars to purchase a replica that will be made by a company in Indiana that makes historical reproduction cannons. The reproduction is based on historical documentation they had on the four cannons that the governor of Maryland had purchased off a ship in the 1750’s.

He says these cannons do wear and tear. The last demonstration was back in 2013 when it was put out of commission.

“Since we didn’t have any kind of conclusion, we decided on the side of caution and kind of retired this cannon,” said Ambrose.  

Ambrose says it takes a crew of at least five to make the cannon work properly. This new one will be heard from near and far.

“Deep punch, real quick but it will make you jar just a little bit even if you’re used to it. ” said Ambrose.  

The group hopes the new cannon will make a whole of an impact and bring the community together to show locals what it was like at the park during the French and Indian war to bring this part of history back to life. 

If you would like to help raise money for the cannon, you can go here:

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