New surveillance footage reveals potential thefts during student protests


A week of student walk-outs in Montgomery County started with hundreds of Montgomery Blair High School students, marching to Veteran’s Plaza.

The protest was reported to be peaceful, but for one business owner, the crowds of students caused problems.

“It is frustrating, there’s no control, no parent control,” said Ken, employee at Silver Spring gas station.  “I don’t know what to call it; society is a mess right now.”

The gas station Ken works at sat along the student protestors’ route. He asked to remain anonymous.

Ken said a group stuffed the small convenience store. The manager had to push them out, literally.

Ken suspected the kids’ of shop-lifting because of their attitudes.

“There’s a wall there, they were hiding behind the wall,” said Ken.

In the surveillance clip, a student appears to slip a bottle under his hoodie.

“We stopped it before it got out of hand,” said Ken.  “They couldn’t all get in the door, the door is so small, so they were struggling to get through.”

Police said other business owners reported similar situations.

“Reporting multiple kids inside the store, overwhelming the clerks, and the clerks shuttering their doors to keep some of the kids out,” said Officer Rick Goodale, Montgomery County Police.

Ken didn’t bother contacting police because he said officers had enough to worry about.

“Sometimes they feel like it’s just not worth their time and effort, which is unfortunate because if there is a crime committed, it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” said Goodale.

When asked about the incident, MCPS deferred to police for comment.

The spokesperson added that police were supervising students throughout the protest.

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