New study shows that fewer Americans are practicing religion


Kirk Devore serves a reverend at the Saint Thomas Episcopal Parish Church in Hancock and says over the years he has noticed a decline in church attendance as a whole.

At the church that I grew up in, we had a lot of people, but again I think as we get older and our priorities change in our lives, then we tend to feel like we can put church on the back burner,” said De’Vore.

Research agrees with Devore. According to a new study published in Gallup, 21 percent of those surveyed said they don’t practice a formal religion, which is up from 15 percent in 2008. When Devore heard those numbers he was upset, but has a strategy on increasing them.

“Church will always be there, it’s been there for thousands and thousands of years, so we just need to continue to have our doors open and be that ministry in the world to help draw people back to the church,” said De’Vore.

And another minister when heard the numbers wasn’t surprised with the findings and is hoping things will change in the future.

“Each church, no matter what religion it is, or faith it is, you know I think strives to be welcoming to people, to remind them that god cares about them,” said Father Collin Poston.

On the survey it showed that 74 percent of Americans identified as Christian, while 2.1 percent were Jewish, 1.8 percnet said they were Jewish and just point 0.8 percent identified as a Muslim. Going forward Father Collin is happy that this issue is coming to light.

It’s important to talk about because it’s something that all of us in some way in or other think about and um, from a faith perspective. We believe God created each one of us.

The poll surveyed 173,229 Americans between January and December of this year.

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