New information on Silver Spring fire investigation


Oscar Ochoa, one of 8 people listed missing after the Silver Spring fire is alive and well.

“Mr. Ochoa who was initially listed as outstanding or missing by police had been on the lease there, and for a short period of time had been staying there, but recently moved to another location,” said Captain Paul Starks, Montgomery County Police.

His name on the Flower Branch lease is what led police to believe he could have been killed in the fire.

“Once his name was put out in the public, we were able to locate him nearby,” said Starks.

So far, six bodies have been recovered, but none identified.

“I believe DNA testing will be a big part of it,” said Starks…Because of the condition of the remains.

“Our goal is to successfully provide as much comfort and resolution to the families and the community,” said Starks.

Police are asking locals to be patient with the investigation.

The infrastructure is unstable so sifting through the rubble takes time, and now, storms present a new danger.

“MCFRS are going to have to go back in the morning and make sure that rain didn’t have an effect on the structural integrity of the area where the investigators are digging,” said David Cheplak, PIO for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“You have to clamor over or climb over parts of the rubble trying not to disturb what could be evidence,” said Starks.

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