New city administration settling in at Charles Town city hall


CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (WDVM) — Charles Town’s municipal elections were weeks ago, and the new administration is settling into city hall this week. The town is experiencing a growing population and some challenges to take head on.

Charles Town is one of those charming, historic communities in West Virginia’s growing eastern panhandle. The new city administration is about to take office with their agenda clearly in focus. Jean Petti is a small business owner, first elected to council 2019.

“The new council is very diverse,” Petti said. “We’ve got a lot of backgrounds. We’ve got a balance of experience and new perspective.”

Mayor Bob Trainor was just returned to office by voters. He is proud of his city staff and is making infrastructure improvement a priority, but he also wants to head off what may be a growing homeless problem, perhaps triggered by the pandemic.

There’s been a lot of folks that need help,” the mayor said. “We’re coordinating to get the assistance to the people who most need the assistance.”

When Mayor Trainor says he wants to bring the city together, he means it literally. Neighborhood “connectivity” is a top goal of his in this new administration.

“Ward 4 and Ward 2 are kind of outside the old town area,” the mayor explains. “We want to connect them, the walkability to those areas.”

With millions in federal pandemic relief funds on their way, Mayor Trainor and Councilmember Petti are focused on spending those dollars wisely.

“Our primary goal is that the citizens feel the impact of that funding,” said Petti. “That it doesn’t got to projects that don’t have direct relief for those who’ve been impacted by Covid.”

Mayor and council get down to business at their next meeting Tuesday night. Charles Town will be rewriting it’s city charter in this new administration and is inviting active citizen input in that effort.

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