Nearly 800 early voters casted their ballots for the Primaries


Saturday is the last day for early voting in Frederick and hundreds of voters came out to cast their ballots. Officials hope early voting will help get more residents out to the ballot boxes, especially in two weeks.


Its the last day for early voting until the primaries are held in a little more than two weeks.


“We’ve been pretty pleased. Yesterday during our first day we had 402 and today the 1:00 count was  98 so were at 500 total by then” says Phyllis Hane, Legislative Clerk for the City of Frederick.


The turnout was surprising for officials as they said they saw a steady stream of early voters.. And many Frederick residents say they voted early to get it out of the way.


“It just seems alot easier and its not because of any particular candidate it just seems to be the thing to do, its overwith, its done” says early voter, Bruce Propst.


Democrats will choose between two candidates for mayor and ten candidtates for alderman.


While Frederick has held early voting for presidential and congressional elections this is the very first time frederick has held early voting  for municipal elections.


“This is a great opportunity for people to show up and cast their ballots. I think its great that Frederick County and our city are making it easier to vote not harder, we need people participating” says Ben Macshane, Candidate for Alderman.


For republicans, Frederick is not having a primary for their alderman race since there are only 5 candidates. Republicans are now gearing up to see which of the two candidates will become mayor in a few weeks.


“I would just like to see more people getting together for one purpose. Love its all about love” says Propst.

The Frederick primary elections will be on September 12th. 

There were nearly 800 early voters. 

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