Expert tips to help balance your screen time during quarantine


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — With many of us stuck at home, technology use has drastically increased for many people during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Google Trends experts, the spike in screen time has skyrocketed. People are using technology to work and stay connected to loved ones; but researchers say learning how to disconnect is imperative to improving mental health even if it’s just for a couple hours a day, especially for the kids.

So Google is providing tools such as Android’s “wind down” feature thats helps remind you to put down the screen and go to sleep.

“I think that it’s really important that people are taking the first step and say, okay, I’m noticing that maybe my eyes are hurting from staring at my screen or maybe I just feel like I could find a better way to spend my time and that kind of awareness is really all you need to get started,” said Molly Vandenberg with Google Trends.

Here are some ways you can balance your screen time:

  • Charge you phone or tablet away from you, so it makes you less convenient for you to be on it.
  • Take notice of what kinds of alerts are luring you into mindless screen time and turn them off.
  • Set a limit to how long you’ll let yourself scroll, and use the rest of the time to call a family member or friend
  • If you get bored try playing a game or going outdoors.

Experts want the public to ensure life, not technology, stays front and center


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