MSP holds active attack response training


The new stop drop and roll is Avoid, Deny, Defend.

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – Maryland State Police held an active shooter and attack-response class at it’s Rockville Barrack Thursday evening.

MSP emphasized the importance of quick, thoughtful decision making when it comes to an active attack during Thursday night’s class.

“The new stop, drop, and roll is Avoid, Deny, Defend. Remember that — avoid the attacker, deny the attacker entry into your room you’re in, and ultimately if you have to, defend yourself, in the event that the person tries to make entry into the door,” said First Sgt. Michael Taluskie

“I’ll remember ADD, the acronym, and to locate my exits and to be very aware of my surroundings,” said Keshia Wilson, a Gaithersburg native.

Police say if you find yourself in an active shooter or active attack situation, your heart rate can rise and your mental acuity can suffer. It’s important to stay calm and collected, though it may be difficult.

“You can do what’s called tactical breathing, where you breathe in for a short period, hold for a short period and then exhale, doing that you’re going to reduce your heart rate to where you can think rationally,” said Taluskie.

What community members learned at the class won’t just help them in situations, it can help you, too.

“It’s one thing to use this information to get yourself out of danger or survive, but when you’re responsible for kids or somebody else; I think that was the most impactful part of the class, ‘What if somebody else’s life was dependent on my own?” said Wilson.

MSP hopes to hold more classes for citizen-response throughout the year.

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