Mothers speak out on Coronavirus worries


"Being in a time of mystery with no questions answered is a scary time for expecting mothers."

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– In such a time of uncertainty, the coronavirus pandemic has the world on high-alert, but women who are pregnant are faced with more questions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has this statement:

“We do not currently know if pregnant women have a greater chance of getting sick from COVID-19 than the general public nor whether they are more likely to have serious illness as a result. Pregnant women experience changes in their bodies that may increase their risk of some infections. With viruses from the same family as COVID-19, and other viral respiratory infections, such as influenza, women have had a higher risk of developing severe illness.

It is always important for pregnant women to protect themselves from illnesses.”

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness of Washington County’s Founder Adrienne Berease is five-months pregnant herself and has heard the worries from hundreds of local mothers who are pregnant or had experienced a loss before.

“When you’ve had a loss, the pregnancy afterward, you’re on pins and needles the whole time, you’re waiting for something to happen,” said Berease. “Then you add the coronavirus into it which puts you at a higher risk potentially, I mean we don’t know, but we worry.”

Berease has simple advice for mothers, stay connected with other expecting mothers at all costs.

“I’d say reach out to other women in similar situations and find support online which might be the best thing to do since we can’t go anywhere, but there is support out there,” said Berease.

On the other side,  Mother Ikyra Waters gave birth four-weeks ago to her son and she says she plans to keep him indoors and limit visitors.

“I say if they’re not comfortable taking their baby outside, then don’t,” said Waters.  “There’s no vaccine for it, I’d rather not risk it.”

Despite having worries or not, both Waters and Berease advise mothers to remember; they’re all on the same team.

“Everybody knows their own child and knows what they can and can’t tolerate,” said Waters. “Do what you think is right for you and your child.”

For women who are pregnant following a loss in their lives, the PAILA is starting a new online support group beginning April 1st.

“Talk to your healthcare provider, they would have more information than the general population but seek support, I think that’s the biggest thing in all of this,” said Berease.

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