More cameras on outside of school buses due to vehicles passing them illegally


In an effort to stop the number of vehicles passing school buses illegally, Montgomery County Police Department is putting more cameras up on the buses.

In the 2015-2016 school years, there were cameras on 25 buses to help decrease the number of people passing buses illegally. In the next three years, drivers can expect 1200 cameras which is one for each bus in the district.

“Instead of just enforcing them on 25 buses we’ll be able to do the whole fleet. This is in response to the number of vehicle still passing school buses,” said Richard Hetherington, manager Automated Traffic Enforcement for Montgomery County Police Department.

Officials from the Montgomery Police Department say the Board of Education takes a daily survey once in a while to see how many people are passing buses illegally. What they found? 1200 people a day are passing buses illegally.

Traffic enforcement officers say most of the violations happen from opposing traffic and officials believe one of the main reasons why there are so many violations is because of a lack of understanding of the law.

“If there’s not a raised median with opposing traffic coming the other way you have to stop,” said Hetherington.

And officials say the road paint doesn’t count as a median.

“In more congested areas where there might be with three and four lanes in each direction some people think that turning lane is a median,” said Hetherington.

Officials also say distracted driving is another issue and if you get caught passing a bus illegally on camera there is a fine.

“It’s a civil violation so there are no points taken from your license but the fine is $125.00 dollars,” said Hetherington.

Some of the cameras will begin rolling this coming Monday for the start of the school year.,

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