Montgomery County officials warn residents of heat-related illness


Weekend boozing, and summer festivals means making sure you know what the heat tips are

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — The scorching sun sets Montgomery County ablaze as temperatures reach the 90s.

Robin Alexander, a Rockville teacher, is feeling the heat as she walks around Rockville Town Center with her friends.

“It’s way too hot outside,” says Alexander. And she adds, “My A/C has actually been broken this past week.”

Alexander says she’s keeping out of the heat, but what about those that aren’t?

Mike Wolk and his kid Noah have been out playing in the heat all morning, saying he couldn’t convince his son to stay out of the sun.

Wolk adds that he will be heading home because he learned the hard way when it comes to heat dangers.

As Wolk carries Noah in his arms he discloses what happened long ago.

“When he was a baby,” said Wolk, “we had trouble one time. I think he got overheated we kept him out a little too long.”

Captain Peter Dugan gives some tips on how to avoid heat exhaustion.

“We need to worry about limiting our exposure to the outside,” says Dugan, “limiting our workloads and make sure we are hydrated properly.”

Also he adds that it’s important to prevent heat exhaustion that could potential lead to a life threatening condition: a heat stroke.

As Captain Dugan spoke to WDVM, an EMS rushed to help someone who had suffered heat exhaustion. The danger is very real, Wolk adds.

Some people are aware of this, and walk in the shade to keep cool during peak hours.

Doing this, and making sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol especially in times where summer festivals are in full effect, is critical to one’s health says Captain Dugan.

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