With just a few days until the start of 2019, Montgomery Planning Board Chair Casey Anderson completed his 2018 resolution to visit every single park in Montgomery County.

Back when 2018 was a brand new year, Anderson began a special project to enjoy every park, trail and nature center that Montgomery County has to offer.

“And I realized that there was really nobody at the parks department who even claimed that they had visited all the parks,” Anderson said. “I thought that seemed like that would be a pretty good one.”

Anderson used social media to document his county wide tour, spanning over 36,000 acres.

His visits often included special appearances by well known local and state leaders.

Along the way, he spoke with countless residents about the strengths and weaknesses of the parks system.

And as 2019 approaches, Anderson is already cooking up another unique idea to explore the great outdoors.

“Maybe I’ll ride my bike or a horse or hike on every mile of trail in the parks system,” said Anderson. “We have about 180 miles of dirt trails so i can get my mountain bike out and maybe even find someone to show me how to ride a horse.”

An interactive map has been posted to the Montgomery county planning website, detailing Anderson‘s journey from park number one to 421.