“It didn’t feel real to me, it took a while for it to set in,” said Luis Rosales, recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship.

The Montgomery College student is transferring to Georgetown University this fall.

“[Georgetown] really focuses on using business skills to become a global citizen, meaning you use entrepreneurial skills and business skills to help people around the world,” said Rosales.

The Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship is awarded to only three percent of applicants across the country.

“Seeking to escape the economic gang violence and turmoil erupting in our country, my ma and papa left behind lives and loved ones to give my sister and me a better life,” said Rosales, reading from his application’s essay.

After facing homelessness and periods of unemployment, going to a school like Georgetown is a dream come true for Luis.

“We are immensely proud and immensely happy to see my son go off to such a great school,” said Elsy Rosales, Luis’ mother.  “There’s really no words to describe just how I feel about it.”

Luis is an undocumented student from El Salvador.

“I came here when I was nine years old,” said Rosales.  “There were a lot of difficulties in my path to go to school.  Initially I didn’t think I could go to school period, not every Montgomery College.”

He has dreams of improving America through business and politics.

“I eventually see myself representing my community, whether it be Congress or State Legislature, so eventually I see myself taking that path,” said Rosales.

Rosales will be the first in his family to receive a college education.