Mills murder trial proceeds into third day


Mills may take the stand on the third day

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (WDVM)– The Ranson woman accused of killing a Kearneysville woman in a drug deal gone wrong in August 2018 was in court for her second day of trial.

34-year-old Shannon Mills is accused of pushing 27-year-old Christina Crawford out of a vehicle while traveling at high speeds. Crawford died two weeks later from severe brain trauma. Seven different witnesses testified in court Thursday including 31-year-old Caylin Valentine. He claims he allegedly saw Mills kicking and shoving Crawford from the vehicle, resulting in her death.

Making a right from Crawford’s driveway, 30-year-old Mark Carter allegedly drove with Mills in the passenger seat and Crawford hanging from the passenger side door around the corner. Prosecuting Attorney Greg Jones presented evidence of two tire tracks going through a residence’s yard, resulting in a destroyed mailbox.

The speed limit on Hidden Hollow Road is 25 miles per hour and according to Valentine, he was allegedly following Carter between 35-to-50 miles per hour. Valentine testified that he wanted to keep a safe but close distance in case Crawford fell from the vehicle.

The pursuit ended at the intersection of Hidden Hollow Road and Route 11 when Crawford was ejected from Carter’s vehicle when he allegedly proceeded through the stop sign and made a left hand turn.

Sergeant Jonathan Meeks testified that when arrived on scene in the early morning hours of August 16th, 2018, he allegedly found Crawford’s body in the middle of the road. Her head was allegedly facing towards the white line on the road side of the road and her feet were facing towards the yellow middle line.

The trial continues into Friday.

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