Mayor Bishop explains the “untold story” behind Hill Top Hotel Project


As of now, Mayor Bishop says there isn't a date on when his lawsuit will be filed.

WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — The controversial Hill Top Hotel Project in Harpers Ferry is making headway, but the Mayor of Harpers Ferry, Wayne Bishop, says the biggest unkept secret of this whole project was he never initially opposed the hotel coming into town but certain permits and laws have since been ignored.

Mayor Bishop says the private equity investment firm SWaN LLC Investors never applied for building permits and disagreed with fees, water rates, noise ordinances and many other things, but never brought up the fact of wanting to own the Harper Ferry’s land. Bishop says they’ve completely gone around the town’s laws, went right up to the state level and that is why they announced a pending lawsuit against the West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

“It seems to be the story that never gets clearly told,” said Bishop. “I hope I don’t come off as negative at all because I wish they would apply for a building permit when we hang up this phone here and go build the thing, but build it based on our laws. They don’t want to, in your story, they do not want to follow our laws.”

West Virginia’s Attorney General Patrick Morrisey released a statement last week in response to the pending lawsuit.

“We have said before that this tourism law is important, and we’re proud to support it,” said Morrisey. “I believed before and I believe now that the mayor is wasting time and money on this lawsuit. The statute clearly passes constitutional muster, and we look forward to a quick resolution of the issues.” 

As of now, Mayor Bishop says there isn’t a date on when his lawsuit will be filed.

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