Woman decorates homes to help trigger memories for those suffering from Alzheimer’s

A Hagerstown woman opened up her home to the public to showcase her new project, helping families that have members with Alzheimer’s. Stella Mpafe opened her home Sunday afternoon to showcase her work decorating rooms and bedrooms to help those who have Alzheimer’s keep memories alive. 
“Get a feel and a sense of who they are before decorating their room so it speaks to them, it has to be personal, to trigger your memory,” Stella Mpafe said, the owner of Modestar designs.
She said she likes to organize homes in a certain way to help those who suffer with dementia, through their own home instead of a hospital bed. The experience of being a doctor and the inspiration from her mother who also suffers from Alzheimer’s gave her this idea.
“I’ve always been concerned about that fact that when you visit a patient, people visit, they feel depressed, the environment is depressing, so I wanted to transform rooms from a hospital looking bedroom to a hotel looking bedroom,” Mpafe said.
Originally being from Africa, Stella came to the United States with a passion for research.
“I went to Italy to study medicine, and I did, when I came to the United States I wanted to do research that’s where my heart is,” Mpafe said.
Mpafe said anyone is welcome in her home to see her work and she’s willing to travel outside of Washington County to anyone who would like her services. 

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