Winter weather causes delays for road work projects

Winter weather conditions have pumped the brakes on road projects and other construction that requires asphalt.
According to Richard Craig, whose company makes asphalt, if the temperature isn’t 32 degrees or above it’s not wise to lay the mixture onto cold surfaces that include roads and blacktops.
“First of all the state highway has specifications or guidelines for temperature they have temperature requirements for base material which is the first layer of the asphalt that you lay down,” Craig said.
Craig stopped paving asphalt in December to save money and time. He said Maryland has certain rules and regulations his company has to follow when providing its services. 
“We use an electromagnetic gauge that you put down on the mat and you are pushing the buttons and it tells you how much compaction you’re getting and the state’s requirement is between 92 and 97 percent,” Craig said.
According to Craig, consequences of laying asphalt in cold weather conditions could lead to ruts in the road or potholes. 

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