Why you should keep an eye out for Cryptojacking:


FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — There are many ways cyber criminals can steal your personal information. They can also steal your money through different currencies.

When people think about internet security, one of the things most people say is “I’m not important enough to hack.” What consumers don’t realize, is that any piece of your personal information has dollar value.

“When they get your email address they can sell your email address to a list. These people then go and buy that list so they know who to send the stuff out to,” Chuck Sperati said, from Clark Computer Services.

Cryptojacking is a type of hack that involves no direct interaction between the hacker and the victim. In this case, the criminal uses a computer that belongs to someone else to mine data and bitcoins. The Bitcoin network is an encrypted digital payment system. By solving complex math problems – users can create these bitcoins for profit. This scheme is all about numbers.

“By putting malicious code into people’s computers, it gets their computers to do that work for you, so they are using your electricity, your internet in order to solve these complex problems for them,” Sperati said.

The twist with this type of hack, is that mining for bitcoins is not totally illegal, its just resource-heavy. When a hacker requires so much computer power, that’s where your computer comes in. Hackers are really good at building fake emails that look like they are coming from trusted organizations. These emails have malicious links on them that install a code on your computer when you click on it.

“They are going to disable your security, look for your email list, passwords all that stuff and transmit that out while utilizing your computer to mine for the bitcoins,” Sperati said.

Cyber officials say unlike other hacking attempts that can steal money from you once, cryptojacking will keep generating money.

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