Ways to help keep children away from guns inside your home

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A new study reports if guns are locked up tight it could help lower the suicides and accidental deaths among children and teens. “You can’t put a price on your kids safety,” Lt. Witt said, with the Martinsburg Police Department.
Guns come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to the safety of people in your home, locking them up properly is crucial. “The main thing is if you own a firearm there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it, they have all kinds of different trigger locks, gun locks, gun safes,” Witt said. 
There are different ways you can keep your firearms tucked away. One of the most popular is a lockbox. Some lock boxes can only be opened with the owners fingerprint. “Most of the new firearms come with a locking device from the manufacturer, so a trigger lock cable lock some way that you can  lock the gun, from an unauthorized user, many of the handguns have an intergraded safety device so you can lock the gun,” Lance Hendershot said, owner of Hendershots Sporting Goods.
Officials want to give a reminder to anyone who owns a gun or may know where one is kept. “Every gun is loaded until you have verified that it is not, you never point it or sweep the musle at anyone firearms can be a lot of fun there are great skills to be developed with them but they are a tool that can harm so you have to use caution and care,” said Hendershot. While there is no law to lock up your firearms – gun laws are different in each state.

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