Watching your heart rate when exercising


Perhaps warmer weather has you exercising more, playing sports or going for a run, but doctors urge you not to overdo it. 

When you exercise, your heart rate increases.

Determining  an optimal heart rate for exercise depends on your exercise goal, age and current fitness level.

To determine your maximum heart rate, multiply your age by 0.7 and subtract that number from 208.

Doctors also recommend not to push yourself too hard if you haven’t been active all winter, and to ease into a workout routine. 
“Start at a reasonable, manageable pace. I usually recommend to my patients who are just getting back into a workout routine, 10 to 15 minutes,” said Dr. Mutsa Nyakabau, of Family Healthcare of Hagerstown.

If you experience tight, squeezing chest pains during a run or workout, you should consult your doctor immediately.  

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