Washington County suggests giving extra food from schools to homeless


Reducing food loss by just one percent in the United States would result in savings of $1.66 billion

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — County Commissioner Cort Meinelschmidt suggested the possibility of providing homeless shelters with food from schools.

During the Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, the commissioner expressed his stance on the idea during commissioners’ reports and comments.

“We’re throwing away good quality food that could go to a homeless shelter, that could go to Micah’s Backpack, things like that but they’re not allowed to do it because of restrictions and I think it’s a waste,” he said.

Meinelschmidt wants to connect with the Washington County Health Department and talk about what the county can do to make this become a reality. According to Food Policy, reducing food loss by just one percent in the United States would result in savings of $1.66 billion.

“We have good, quality food literally going into dumpsters because they’re not allowed to do it, so I’d like to talk to the health department and figure a way that we can take this extra food and bring it to a homeless shelter,” he said.

Food policy added that many students rely on their school nutrition programs for breakfast and/or lunch and those on free and reduced meal programs have no other option than what is provided in their schools. Thus, the practices of school nutrition programs have a large bearing on the food wasted and consumed within schools.

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