Washington County kids learn survival tips & tricks


Washington County kids learned how to survive in the wilderness, one berry at a time

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– Washington County kids learned the value of Wilderness Training 101 with Hagerstown’s Parks & Recreation.

The city invited Jason Drevenak, of National Geographic’s Mygrations, to share decades of expertise with kids on how to build shelters, fires, track animals and identify useful plants.

“Being able to go into the forest and identify what you can use for food, medicine, fire and shelter are all things we did before Amazon Prime,” said Drevenak. “It’s nice to be able to figure it out yourself which gives kids a chance to be able to see things around them and be a little more self-aware.”

Drevenak believes outdoor knowledge gives anybody the opportunity to be more self-aware in the wild.

“The water hemlock is the most toxic plant in North America,” said Drevenak. “It’s recognized as the most toxic plant, and there’s a mushroom that’s more toxic than it as far as what system your body works on but that plant, if you ate two inches of it, would kill you. It’s horribly, horribly toxic.”

Parks & Recreation officials say the city is glad to have the new program available for local kids.

“We’re really excited to welcome the Wilderness Camp to the city of Hagerstown because we’re constantly looking for new programs to offer our residents and kids in the area, especially summer time when they want to get outside and enjoy the outdoors,” said Amy Riley, Hagerstown Parks & Recreation coordinator.

Riley went on to say that they are thankful for the variety of programs available to the kids and are always looking for new classes to offer.

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