Washington County Health Department warns about respiratory infections


Doctors say the flu is on the rise, but another illness is stemming from respiratory infections.

Nurses from the Washington County Health Department say, this horrible coughing virus can cause a high fever and other serious symptoms.

Health department employees say, in some patients they’ve seen a cough that just won’t go away, and they should see their physician to prevent any further illness.

If your cough lasts for a long period of time you should be seen by your doctor. You can protect yourself against a virus by continuous hand washing, and staying away from people that are sick, said Nurses from the health department.

Micke Brown, a community health nurse for the Washington County Health Department said, 
“if your cough has lasted more than three weeks, especially if you’re bringing up phlegm, and the phlegm has blood in it, you need to report that to your physician because it could be something other than a virus.”

Brown adds to help keep yourself safe from a virus or infection, to make sure you continuously wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and stay far away from anyone who’s sick. 

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