Washington County Community helps kids become super readers


For some, learning to read can be tricky and schools don’t always have the resources to give students the help they need. That’s why members of the community are stepping in. 

This is the first year of the Washington County Public Schools Education Foundation’s “Super Reader” program. A program that allows volunteers to come and give kids extra reading help. Now in its 6th week, volunteers say it’s already paying off. 

“I think they enjoy it, not only do you see it when they are actually doing the lessons with you, but when you go into the classroom and ask them to come out and spend a few minutes they are all excited to come out,” said Sarah Burge. 

The pilot program has around thirty consistent volunteers that help them at both Pangborn and Paramount elementary schools. 
Christina Williams Executive Director of the program says this shows how much the community cares about the younger generation.

“There’s a big push right now in Washington County overall in the community help education attainment rise,” said Christina Williams

Williams says it’s the volunteers that are true shining stars in the success of this program. Its the volunteers like Sarah Burge who come into help out whenever they can. 

“Everybody wants to help and if this what they can do to help, coming in for an hour or so every so often to help the kids learn to read. I think that’s great and says a lot about our community,” said Burge. 

While the program is just in it’s 6th week, Williams says the feedback has been so positive that they are already looking to expand.

“We are applying for funding to hopefully support expanding to three schools next year and continue at these two,” said Williams. 

All of the volunteers involved had to go through a “Super Reader” tutor program before being able to teach these kids, the next training sessions will be held in January. 

If you want to get involved with the program click here.

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